Bermuda-style house in Palm Beach, Florida wins architectural award

A new Palm Beach, Florida house designed in a Bermuda-vernacular architectural style and made to look as if it might have been built decades ago, and expanded over the years, has been recognized with the 12th annual Elizabeth L. and John H. Schuler Award, bestowed by the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach.

For more information, see:

For more information on the architect, Tom Kirchhoff of Kirchhoff & Associates Architects, and images of his work, see

Without wanting to take anything away from Mr. Kirchhoff’s brilliant design, this raises the interesting question whether or not the Bermuda Government should seek to protect the intellectual property associated with the distinct Bermudian architectural style, in the way that the French protect Champagne, the Greeks protect Feta cheese, and the Italians protect Parmesan cheese, on grounds of Protected Designations of Origin, by reference to Geographical Indications.

Although an architectural style is not quite the same thing as an agricultural product, Bermuda’s limited natural resources might justify the protection of its unique cultural property (Bermuda Shorts spring to mind, for example!)




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