Bermudian attorney obtains $70,000 default judgment from US Federal Court in defamation lawsuit

In the recent case of Zakkiyah Daniels v Katherine Kostreva, before the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, District Judge Allyne Ross has given a default judgment, dated 7 February 2017, in favour of a Bermudian attorney, Zakkiyah Daniels, arising out of various online defamatory statements that were published about her by a former landlord.

The Court awarded damages of US$70,000 in favour of Ms. Daniels.

If nothing else, the judgment illustrates the power, and danger, of the internet (if abused), and it goes someway towards vindicating Ms. Daniels for the unlawful and malicious attacks on her reputation.

Somewhat ironically, perhaps, Ms. Daniels’ relationship with the internet appears to be multi-faceted: in 2012, she was reported to have set up Bermuda’s first ‘online’ legal practice (although this is not currently listed as a registered law firm on the Bermuda Bar Association’s website, and its own website address is not currently operational).



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