A festive judgment from the Supreme Court of Gibraltar

A festive judgment has been published by Legal Cheek, apparently emanating from the Supreme Court of Gibraltar, one of the British Overseas Territories, dated 24 December 2015.

See: http://www.legalcheek.com/2016/12/fairy-tale-turns-nasty-as-incredible-spoof-judgment-reveals-how-papa-bear-sued-goldie-locks/

A fairly superficial linguistic, and textual, analysis of the judgment, and brief comparison with some official judgments of the Gibraltar Court (helpfully available online), suggests that it may have been authored by Mr. Justice Adrian Jack (to whom a modest reference is made in paragraph 23).

Mr. Justice Adrian Jack is an English barrister, a bencher of the Middle Temple, and formerly a member of Enterprise Chambers in London (with Australian and German legal qualifications as well).

Since he was appointed to the Gibraltar bench, he has handed down a prolific number of judgments, many of them on high-profile and precedent-setting issues (for which, no doubt, a sense of humour has been an essential qualification).







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