Graduate sues University for his failure to earn First Class honours (16 years later)

The UK and international media are reporting, with excitement, on a pending Court case between a graduate and his former university for his failure to earn a First Class honors degree – which, the graduate claims, has resulted in him suffering psychological injury and associated loss of opportunity and loss of earnings.

The media descriptions of the case do not suggest that the claimant’s case is particularly compelling, but, if nothing else, the case illustrates the likely increase in claims by students against universities and professional training establishments for the provision of sub-standard educational services, given the prevailing climate of rising tuition fees, and the privatisation of education.

UPDATE: Judgment has now been handed down, and the English High Court has held, per Mr. Justice Kerr, that the claimant’s case is reasonably arguable, and should proceed towards a full trial, including on issues of limitation. The judgment is reported as Siddiqui v University of Oxford [2016] EWHC 3150 (QB) (05 December 2016) URL:

There is an interesting discussion of the case on the UK Human Rights Blog at


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