Bermuda’s Supreme Court Registry: the toxic mold/mould decontamination process gathers pace

The Registrar of the Supreme Court has issued yet another Circular Notice, dated 25 October 2016, practicedirection23of2016, announcing that:

  • no requests for Cause Book or Judgment Book searches should be made before 31 October 2016;
  • no requests for access to Court records should be made before 4 November 2016;
  • members of the Bar are requested to restrict all Court filings to ‘urgent matters in so far as is practicable’;
  • Court of Appeal filings for the November Court of Appeal session should be made at the Government Administration Building, Commercial Court; and
  • the continued understanding and patience of all members of the Bar, and the general public, will be required.

A toxic mold decontamination process is now underway.

If nothing else, this unfortunate episode raises the linguistic question: what is the correct spelling of the word ‘mold/mould’? Is the word a bit like ‘judgment/judgement’, whose spelling depends on its legal, or lay, context? Or is it just a question of American spelling versus English spelling – in which case, why does the Court Registry use the American spelling in its Circulars?


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