Access to Court Records in Bermuda: a new Registrar, a new consultation exercise

The new Registrar of the Supreme Court of Bermuda, Madam Registrar Shade Subair, has just published a draft new Practice Direction dealing with Access to Court Records, on a consultation basis,  for the purpose of eliciting feedback from members of the Bermuda Bar Association and “interested members of the public” (which would include, one supposes, media organisations such as the Royal Gazette, Bernews, and Offshore Alert).

The Registrar has explained that the purpose of the new Practice Direction is to expand upon and to provide further guidance on Amended Practice Direction No 23 of 2015 for the benefit of persons seeking access to court files at the Registry of the Supreme Court. The Practice Direction applies to files in the Court’s civil, criminal, and divorce jurisdictions.

A copy of the draft Practice Direction is available here: access-to-court-records-practice-direction-and-forms-draft-for-consultation

The consultation period expires on 28 October 2016.



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