Interview with Mr. Justice Stephen Hellman, Counsel Magazine

Mr. Justice Stephen Hellman, a Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Bermuda, and one of the two full-time Commercial Court judges, has just been interviewed by Guy Hewetson and Tony Stephenson of Hewetson Shah LLP, in a piece in this month’s Counsel Magazine.

For anybody appearing before him, whether as a lawyer or as a litigant, the interview makes for essential reading.

For example, Mr. Justice Hellman briefly touches upon the approach which he took in two of his recently decided cases in his interview, being Re Trustee L and A and B v Director of Child and Family Services.

Both of these cases were precedent-setting in Bermuda, and in the latter case (relating to the human rights of a same sex couple to adopt a child), of profound social importance.

He also discusses his relationship with Chief Justice Kawaley, and his approach to his work, in the following terms:

I am fortunate to share a corridor with Dr Ian Kawaley, the Chief Justice of Bermuda, with whom I have spent many hours discussing law and football, although not always in that order. He told me that he tries to be a judge whom he would have liked to appear before as an advocate. That struck me as a sound maxim which I have endeavoured to follow“.


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