Clash of the Titans: Pannick QC v Beloff QC in the Supreme Court of Bermuda

For 2 days this week (27-28 September 2016), the Supreme Court of Bermuda is scheduled to hear oral arguments from two of the greatest advocates of the English Bar, Lord David Pannick QC and The Honorable Michael Beloff QC.

Readers may find it of interest to note that David Pannick was once one of Michael Beloff’s pupils, and they are both members of the same chambers, Blackstone Chambers in London.

The case involves an US$18 million dispute between the Corporation of Hamilton and Mexico Infrastructure Finance LLC, relating to a failed hotel development project on Par-La-Ville Road in the City of Hamilton.

It is understood that two of the legal issues to be debated will be whether it was ‘ultra vires’ the Corporation of Hamilton to guarantee the loan, and whether the Court should re-open a 2015 judgment entered by consent (under the Corporation’s previous administration).

The trial judge is scheduled to be Mr. Justice Hellman, according to this week’s Cause List.

The unusual background to the case has been described in various articles by the Royal Gazette, some of which can be found here:





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