Guernsey moves towards same-sex marriage

The States of Guernsey have just approved a same-sex marriage bill by a vote of 33-5.

The vote comes almost a year after Guernsey voted in principle to modify its marriage laws to include same-sex couples.

The bill will now be sent to the Privy Council for its promulgation, and same-sex weddings are expected to begin in mid-2017.

Guernsey is the second of the three British Crown Dependencies to open the door to same-sex weddings after the Isle of Man began marrying couples in July.

Jersey, whose legislature also voted in principle last year to expand marriage rights like Guernsey, has indicated that it will hold a vote on final draft legislation in the coming months, and that it also wishes to conduct same-sex weddings in 2017.

But the legal and political debate continues in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands …

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