Aruba Parliament votes in favour of same sex civil unions

In a development of interest and relevance to Bermuda and the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean (such as the Cayman Islands, the BVI, and the Turks & Caicos Islands), Aruba’s legislative assembly has recently voted in favour of granting same-sex couples the right to register their unions and receive benefits granted to married people on the Dutch Caribbean island.

Aruba’s Parliament voted 11-5 in favour, with four abstentions, late Thursday, 8 September 2016, to amend civil code regulations related to marriage to cover same-sex unions. Those articles include such things as the right to a spouse’s pension in case of death or to make emergency medical decisions.

Aruba is one of the constituent countries that make up the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Same-sex couples previously could marry in the Netherlands and return to have their marriage certificate recognized under a law obligating recognition of official documents throughout the kingdom.

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