Offshore legal thrillers: from John Grisham to Adam Zahorski

Readers of this blog will all be familiar with The Firm, John Grisham’s famous legal thriller, some of whose scenes were famously set in the Cayman Islands:

The novel was subsequently turned into a Hollywood movie, starring Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman:

But how many readers will have read, or even heard of, the offshore legal thrillers penned by the author with the pseudonym of Adam M. Zahorski?

The Infidels (2005) and A Matter of Trust (2007) are quite remarkable novels.

The first deals with an international arbitration, in which two sets of jet-setting lawyers debate the existence of God.

The sequel involves an innovative legal challenge to the arbitration award, by way of a legal attack on the validity of a Cayman Islands trust structure.

Both novels are available on Amazon, and they have attracted a number of positive reader reviews:

The novels offer a number of clues as to the true identity of their author, whose self-proclaimed “passions” include “opera and wine“, who is Polish in origin, who loves “all things Italian“, and who modestly claims not to have enjoyed much “success with women“. It would be interesting to know if there are any Bermuda or offshore lawyers that meet the description … Answers on a postcard please.



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