Diversity in the Bermuda legal profession?

Despite most lawyers’ desire to promote justice, fairness and equality, the legal profession and the judiciary in most jurisdictions are repeatedly criticized for a lack of diversity within their own ranks.

For example, an article by Deborah Rhode in the Washington Post, published in May 2015, argued that the US legal profession was the least diverse profession in the nation:


In similar vein in the United Kingdom, Funke Abimbola recently wrote an article for the New Law Journal, published in January 2016, in which she presented the case that “the legal profession continues to face a real crisis with the lack of progression of female lawyers. This issue is consistent across all arms of the profession but is particularly marked in the judiciary, the Bar and among the top 50 UK law firms“.

See http://www.newlawjournal.co.uk/content/lessons-gender-diversity

The Bermuda legal profession has also been the subject of measured criticism, particularly with respect to gender diversity, as reflected in an article written by Kimberley Caines for the Royal Gazette in 2012:


Since then, Ms. Caines has co-founded the Women’s Legal Network in Bermuda. Their next event is scheduled to be held on 19 September 2016, on the important and difficult topic of ‘Salary Negotiation’.  The Women’s Legal Network is to be congratulated for putting the issue of gender diversity firmly on the agenda for Bermuda’s legal profession.












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