The surprising connections between Chess and Bermuda (and the BVI)

The Guardian newspaper recently published a piece on some of the surprising connections between the global sport of Chess and jurisdictions such as Bermuda and the BVI.

For the full story, see

Bermuda is most famous in the world of Chess for the ‘Bermuda Party’ that has been thrown at every biennial Chess Olympiad since Malta 1980, organized by (former) Bermuda residents Nigel Freeman and Nick Faulks.

In 2006, the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story that included the following flattering quotation: “[The Bermuda party] is always organised by the Bermuda team because they are one of the world’s worst teams but they run the best party”.

For more background, see:

It is incidentally of interest (from a legal perspective) that Nigel Freeman, and his FIDE chess connections, featured in a recent decision of the Supreme Court of Bermuda, Cadilly Consultants v The Queen [2015] SC Bda 31 App, a copy of which can be found here:




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