Supreme Court of Bermuda to hold special sitting in honour of the late Ann Frith Cartwright Decouto

The Supreme Court of Bermuda is scheduled to hold a special sitting on 9 September 2016, in honour of the late Ann Frith Cartwright Decouto, a prominent Bermudian lawyer and politician.

The Royal Gazette recently reported on her professional career, and a copy of the article can be found here:

From a legal perspective, two of her achievements are particularly noteworthy.

  • As Bermuda’s Minister of the Environment between 1989 to 1992, she was instrumental in introducing and enforcing a ban on fishing with fishpots in Bermudian waters, a move which was highly unpopular at the time, but which is now widely credited as reviving Bermuda’s fish stocks.
  • She also lobbied hard in opposition to a proposal to open a McDonald’s franchise in Bermuda during the mid-1990s. She introduced the Prohibited Restaurants Act 1997 to Parliament, and successfully stopped the fast food restaurant from opening in Bermuda. The legislation was upheld by the Privy Council, despite a constitutional challenge, in the well-known case of Grape Bay Limited v. Attorney General Bermuda [1999] UKPC 43 (28th October, 1999)

For more information about her life and career, see also:



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