Deep sea exploration in Bermuda: the Nekton/XL Catlin mission

There has been excellent international coverage of a recent deep sea exploration mission in Bermuda’s waters, called the Nekton/XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey, including articles by Oliver Milman, the Guardian’s environment correspondent, Jim Clash of Forbes, and Alex Rogers, Professor of Conservation Biology at Oxford University.

From a legal and enforcement perspective, it is clear that further work and resources are required to protect and preserve Bermuda’s marine environment, as well as international waters.

As Oliver Milman reports:

Localised and international protections are also lacking. Bermuda has been largely denuded of marine life due to overfishing, with the government, which is under the auspices of Britain, last year shelving a plan for a new ocean reserve despite overwhelming public support. The high seas, which lie beyond national maritime borders, is even more of a free-for-all, with the UN calling this month for five remote marine areas to be protected from overfishing, pollution and mining“.

Diving in the Bermuda Triangle – Alex Rogers





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