Bermuda Director of Public Prosecutions, Larry Mussenden, to present on ‘Bermuda CSI’ at PechaKucha Bermuda’s 16th edition

Pechakucha Bermuda Nights are a simple, effective and entertaining way of telling a story or idea.

Each speaker shows 20 images to accompany their presentation, and with each image, the speaker can only speak for 20 seconds. Therefore each presentation is only 6 minutes and 40 seconds in total. Since there is no pausing or going back, speakers have no choice but to keep to their allotted time. Following each presentation is a 3 minute 20 second question and answer session where the audience has the opportunity to ask the presenter questions.

There will be eight different speakers on 18 August 2016, who will each speak on a subject they are passionate about.

The speakers include Larry Mussenden, Director of Public Prosecutions, who is scheduled to give a presentation on “Bermuda CSI”.

For more information, see:

For more background on Mr. Mussenden, and his approach to the role of DPP, see:




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