Home Birth in Bermuda … now on trial?

There have been many positive stories about the evolution of Home Birth rights and options in Bermuda, and the potential benefits of Home Birth in the context of uncomplicated pregnancies.

See, for example:




The Birth World of Bermuda

It seems like an enormous shame, therefore, that, as reported in the Royal Gazette, a civil trial is now taking place in Bermuda’s Magistrates’ Court, arising out of a Home Birth experience that appears to have suffered from some unexpected complications: see http://www.royalgazette.com/court/article/20160813/home-birth-civil-trial-begins

The quantum of the claim is reported by the Royal Gazette to be $2,195. This suggests that the dispute may principally be a dispute over fees. It is to be hoped that the mother and the baby are doing well, and that, notwithstanding their unfortunate experience in this particular case, other prospective parents are not deterred from a full consideration of all of their birthing rights and options.



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