Q: What is an unreasonable delay in being registered as a citizen? A: 12 months (probably).

So the Privy Council has held, in a recent judgment on appeal from Antigua and Barbuda.

Oliveira v The Attorney General (Antigua and Barbuda) [2016] UKPC 24 (2 August 2016)
URL: http://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKPC/2016/24.html 

Per Sir Bernard Rix at paragraph 42: “Making every allowance, as in the Board’s view it should, for the customary ways of doing things in Antigua, and for the lumping together of relatively straightforward applications such as those under section 114 with other immigration applications of a different nature, we nevertheless conclude that a period of one year, from application to registration, for the consideration of a section 114 application is in general the outside limit of a reasonable time, and that delay beyond that time, absent special considerations, is likely to be unlawful because a fetter on the legitimate applicant’s right to be registered. We also conclude that there were special considerations in the case of Mr Oliveira which make the limit of one year more than generally pertinent“.

Worth noting also that Sir Bernard Rix sits on the Court of Appeal for the Cayman Islands:




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